Toilet Reviews

Do you want to have a compact toilet that comes with its own bidet? The TOTO Neorest is a luxury bidet toilet combo.

This tankless toilet features the Toto Dual-Max (dual flush) toilet system that doesn’t sacrifice performance for conservation. It optimizes water consumption and provides a great flushing performance. The system allows you to select the appropriate amount of water usage from 0.9 gpf to 1.6 gpf. 

The TOTO Neorest comes with an automatic toilet seat that can be opened/closed by remote or by sensor operation. The seat also has temperature control with heating option.

Toto’s SanaGloss glaze keeps the toilet cleaner. SanaGloss seals china with an ionized barrier, creating a super-smooth surface that prevents particles from adhering to ceramic.

The TOTO Neorest also boasts other great features, including the washlet cleansing with three modes, programmable nightlight, and hands-free automatic flush.

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