Niagara Stealth Toilet Review

When it comes to water conservation, the Niagara 77001 WHCO1 Stealth Toilet with a 0.8 GPF, elongated bowl, and tank combo is just about as good as it gets. Using less than one gallon per flush, it saves water and will cut down on your water bill. The exceptionally efficient flushing system from Niagara clears the bowl out completely in a single flush. Despite the highly advanced functionality of the Niagara Stealth, it has the look of a typical two-piece toilet.

Construction and Design

Made of vitreous china, the Niagara Stealth has a standard two-piece construction with an elongated bowl. The regular-looking exterior masks the top-notch technology hidden within which, in combination with the exceptionally effective flushing system, enables this toilet’s affordable price.

Flushing System

The Stealth’s 0.8-gallon flushing system is powerful yet quiet, making it one of the most user-friendly models around. It’s well within the EPA WaterSense guidelines and has even been deemed a U-HET, or ultra-high efficiency toilet. The U-HET label has only been given to a single toilet, and that’s the Niagara Stealth. Niagara has added an air channel between the cistern and the waste pipe on the Stealth model, further enhancing the flush efficiency. Due to the air pressure, the waste pipe functions as a siphon when the toilet is flushed, powerfully clearing out all waste in the bowl.

Cleaning Process

Even with its remarkably low water consumption, the Niagara Stealth is advertised to fully clear out the bowl in a single flush; no second flush needed. A toilet has to be able to flush 350 grams of miso paste per 1.28-gallon flush to earn the EPA WaterSense HET certification. The Niagara Stealth exceeds that requirement; it can flush out 600 grams of miso paste with just a one 0.8-gallon flush.

Water Usage

The Niagara Stealth toilet beats out all other toilets for sale today when it comes to water consumption. It’s the only toilet model to earn the U-HET distinction from the EPA. Also, it’s WaterSense certified, so people living in certain areas may be eligible for rebates. The low 0.8-gallon flush will ultimately save you a lot of money on your water bill.


The installation process for the Niagara Stealth is comparable to that of other standard toilets. It uses a 12” rough-in to the waste pipe. The majority of toilets don’t come with a waste seal, either wax or wax-free. However, this toilet from Niagara doesn’t have the bolts needed to secure it to the floor included.

Niagara Stealth Toilet Pros and Cons


  • The Stealth has earned the Ultra-High Efficiency toilet distinction from the EPA.
  • It’s WaterSense certified.
  • This toilet uses only 0.8 gallons of water with each flush.
  • The Stealth is very quiet when flushed.
  • A toilet seat that’s fixed in place can be purchased separately to achieve ADA compliance.


  • The Niagara Stealth doesn’t come with the bolts needed to secure the structure to the ground.

Niagara Stealth Toilet Videos

Niagara Stealth toilet video review by – Dan Bauer


Considering its advanced functionality, the Niagara Stealth toilet is quite affordable, and its water-saving flush will cut down on your water bill. Plus, if you’re eligible for the Water Sense rebates, you’ll save even more money. The powerful flush is exceptionally quiet, especially when compared to other high-efficiency models, allowing for a more pleasant user experience. This toilet is also ADA certified and can be used in public or employee restrooms. Overall, the Niagara Stealth toilet is impressive on several fronts and is the best choice when it comes to low water usage.

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