Toilet Reviews

  • 30-1/8″L x 21-1/4″W x 29-1/4″H
  • Pressure Assist flushing system
  • Two-piece toilet
  • Elongated bowl
  • Includes trip lever, less seat and supply

Customer Reviews:

Reviewed in the United States on June 22, 2019
Color: WhiteVerified Purchase

I moved from 3.5GPF toilets to this product at 1.0GPF. I will never go back to a conventional flush toilet. This toilet is Kohler for goodbye solid waste in a rapid style. Total flush to fill time for the old toilet was around 2.5 min.. This unit is just over 24 seconds. The flush is quite brisk and visitors state that it is “forceful”. While there is no doubt that the toilet is flushing there is also no need for a plunger… EVER.

There is an issue with paper that is not directly touching the water surface not going down on the first flush but that is taken care of on 1 chaser. I think that if I had picked the 1.6 GPF version of the Flushmate that this would not be an issue but I would have to spend more money on water.

Water in my area is very expensive so I am ok with the chaser with the overall water savings that this unit provides. Would I recommend this unit to others. YES. YES YES. Still waiting on my quarterly water bill but I anticipate quite a difference from the previous one. Best calculation that I can find online is 5 flushes average per person per day. with the 3.5GPF that would be 6387.5 gallons per year per person.

With a 1 GPF that would be 1825 gallons per year per person. Our household water consumption was somewhere around 25550 GPY for flushing alone and should cut to 7300 GPY. had I chosen the 1.6 gpf the consumption would be 11680 GPY which would not be enough of a savings to justify the additional cost of the fixture. I expect an ROI of less than 1 year based on these numbers.

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