Kohler Wellworth Toilet Review

The Kohler Wellworth toilet has a single flush system, using just 1.6 gallons of water per flush. It’s a standard height, two-piece toilet with a classic look and elongated bowl for added comfort. The height of the bowl, however, is just 14-1/2 inches high without a seat. The seat must be purchased separately. Due to the small height, the Wellworth doesn’t meet ADA regulations, so it can’t be used in employee or public restrooms.

Made of vitreous china, this two-piece toilet has a Class 5 flush system, meaning that it has a high bulk waste cleaning capacity. This highly rated flush system at least in part makes up for the fact that the Kohler Wellworth doesn’t have as many features as other, more expensive toilet models. For a simpler installation the Kohler Wellworth has three pre-installed tank bolts.

Continue reading for additional details on the Kohler Wellworth toilet that will help you decided whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

Design and Construction

The Kohler Wellworth is a two-piece, standard configuration toilet. It’s constructed of vitreous china and has an elongated bowl for a more comfortable feel. While the exterior of the toilet looks quite simple, it includes classic curves on the cistern for added visual interest.

Flushing System

The Kohler Wellworth toilet has a 1.6 GPF flush. This simple flush design delivers water into the bowl at high pressure using a canister flush valve. A chrome plated left hand trip lever initiates the flush. When evaluated for flush power and the volume of waste it can effectively remove in a single flush, the Kohler Wellworth was rated as a Class 5 toilet.

Water Usage

As mentioned above, the Kohler Wellworth uses a single action flush system; 1.6 gallons of water are used for each flush.


Among its competitors, the Kohler Wellworth has one of the most effective cleaning powers. The exceptional cleaning ability is achieved through the use of the fully glazed 2-1/8 inch trapway and 1.6-gallon flushing action. You won’t have to worry about clogs or having to flush more than once to fully clear the bowl – it’s designed to stay cleaner for longer.

Installation Process

The Kohler Wellworth is a two-piece toilet, so you’ll have less weight to deal with during installation than you would with a one-piece toilet. It uses a 12-inch rough-in from the wall to the center of the waste pipe. During installation, first connect the toilet to the waste pipe. From there, make the addition of the cistern.

Unfortunately, a seat for this toilet isn’t included and must be bought separately. You can find information on the spacing for the seat and dimensions for installation from Kohler.

Kohler Wellworth Toilet Pros and Cons


  • This toilet comes at an affordable price.
  • The flushing system is powerful, efficient, and saves water.
  • The trapway is fully glazed to reduce the amount of manual cleaning required.


  • The Kohler Wellworth doesn’t meet ADA requirements, so it can’t be used in public or employee restrooms.

Kohler Wellworth Toilet Video


The Kohler Wellworth is a comparatively affordable toilet with a single flush system. The flush rating has been marked as Class 5, meaning that it can clear out a high volume of waste from the bowl quite effectively. It’s important to note that the Kohler Wellworth fails to meet ADA requirements due to its inadequate seat height, so it can’t be used for public restrooms.

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