Kohler Highline Classic Toilet Review

The Kohler Highline Classic toilet combines a classic look with modern, advanced features to create a highly efficient functionality. The exterior of this toilet may look plain, but the technology it uses is anything but basic. A powerful, effective flushing capacity is used by the Kohler Highline Classic for greater water efficiency to help both the environment and your water bill. Read on to learn more about this fantastic toilet from Kohler and the many benefits it offers.

Dimensions and Style Options

The plain look of the Kohler Highline Classic allows it to blend well with any bathroom, no matter the decor. You can choose from a selection of colors for a toilet that truly matches your aesthetic, as well as the color scheme of your home. The colors to choose from are: white, black, almond, and biscuit.

The Kohler Highline Classic measures 29-1/2 inches long, 19-5/8 inches wide, and 30-3/8 inches high. It weighs 93 pounds and is constructed of vitreous china. This toilet features an elongated bowl for greater comfort.

Water Usage

Using just 1.28 gallons of water per flush, the Kohler Highline Classic toilet is a water-saving model. Since it uses less water per flush than many regular toilets, it’s ideal for environmentally-conscious consumers. The Kohler Highline toilet has earned the EPA WaterSense certification thanks to its efficient flushing capability. Despite using a small amount of water, the flushing capability is strong and effective, clearing out waste completely each and every time.

Structure and Setup

The Kohler Highline’s elongated seat allows the user a larger seat for added comfort. The seat’s height is roughly comparable to a typical chair height; this slightly raised height grants greater ease of use for all individuals, even those with back pain. The Kohler Highline Classic is a two-piece toilet; the tank and bowl are separate. To further increase the quality of this toilet’s functionality, the tank includes a sturdy plunger or punch. It will remove clogs that incidentally appear in the flush valve so that the toilet continues to work properly.

The Kohler Highline Classic is a gravity flush toilet. This simply means that the force of gravity is used to fuel the strong flush function to remove all waste in the bowl. This thoughtful setup ensures that water rushes into the bowl from the tank with as much pressure as possible to keep the bowl clean.

Flushing System

The Class 5 flushing system is incorporated into the Kohler Highline Classic toilet. This allows for even more strength with every flush to remove all waste in the bowl. The Class 5 flushing system is an excellent addition because not only is the flush strengthened, but the cleanliness of the bowl is also more easily maintained. Even after long stretches of time, the bowl will remain clean because of the powerful flush. This will save you from having to do a lot of manual cleaning.

Kohler Highline Classic Toilet Pros and Cons


  • The simple design with multiple color options will seamlessly blend with any bathroom decor.
  • The elongated seat provides a little extra room for more comfort.
  • A 1-year warranty is included.
  • The height of the Kohler Highline toilet is roughly at chair height so that it’s accessible for all types of people.
  • It has earned an EPA WaterSense certification.
  • The flushing power is strengthened and the bowl stays cleaner for longer with the incorporation of Kohler’s patented trademark technology.


  • When it comes to price, the Kohler Highline Classic isn’t the most affordable option on the market. You can find toilets with comparable features that come at a lower price.

Kohler Highline Classic Toilet Video


The Kohler Highline Classic is a well-rounded model, delivering in a number of areas including seat comfort, self-cleaning capability, flushing efficiency, design, and more. Customer reviews affirm that this is a high-quality toilet model. There’s not a lot more that you could ask for in a toilet as far as features and design elements go. The price is relatively high, but if you have the budget, the Kohler Highline Classic could be the choice for you. If you can’t quite afford this model, there are other toilets available that offer equivalent features and come at a more affordable price.

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